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Daily Doodle #2

I colored it in tonight: Originally, it was going to be all black silhouette, but the brush marker started to run out of black, so I made the hair area brown and the shirt gray and then I added the … Continue reading

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Daily Doodle #1

Inspired by Daily Monster and as a move to get me drawing more actively, more regularly, and to alleviate my stress levels, I’m going to start drawing a daily doodle, every day, when I first sit down to my desk … Continue reading

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Oscar Live Coverage

Mahalo is live covering the Oscars: [[[Oscar Live Coverage]]] and we also have a page on [[[Oscar Red Carpet Live Coverage]]]. Come check it out and weigh in with your [[[Oscar Predictions]]] on our message board. Update: Oscars in 60 … Continue reading

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Sample The Web Podcast: Sampling the World Wide Web 2/23/08

I decided to do something different with my podcast this week. Since this blog has for a long time had the tag line “Samplings from the World Wide Web,” I thought I’d actually *sample* some audio from various videos I … Continue reading

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Gears of War 2 and the Game Developer’s Conference

Can’t wait for [[[Gears of War 2]]]. Especially after seeing the [[[Gears of War 2 Trailer]]]. It’s just a teaser, but it got me excited for the game. Lots of other cool things coming out of [[[Game Developers Conference 2008]]]. … Continue reading

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Digital Curator

Steve Rubel has an interesting post about digital curation up on Micro Persuasion. I’ve been thinking something similar since I came across Kevin Kelly’s The Bottom is Not Enough earlier this week. Rubel mentions how Mahalo is doing digital curation, … Continue reading

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Kristin featured in today’s Mahalo Daily

She’s the one beating the guy with the stick of bread: My advice to Raj (the guy she’s beating) before the shoot: “Cover your eyes. She’s fierce and she likes to go for the eyes!” More on this here: [[[How … Continue reading

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