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Asus Eee PC Touch Panel Installation: Pre-installation (with video)

Yesterday, after several weeks of delay, I received the 7-inch touch panel I had ordered for my [[[Asus Eee PC]]]. Much thanks to jkkmobile for discovering that one could install a touch panel in the Eee and for paving the … Continue reading

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Thanks for all the well-wishes!

Today’s my birthday. w00t! So why do I have a picture of a figurine of Wolverine angrily cutting down a Christmas tree? That’s exactly (well, except for the “a picture of” part) what I was thinking when I opened my … Continue reading

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Hulu: American Gladiators Night 2

Did you miss night 2 of American Gladiators? Me too. Here you go: I have to say, [[[Hulu]]] is pretty awesome. Full videos, ad-supported in the video itself so they don’t care if you embed it in your blog like … Continue reading

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Eee PC Internal Upgrades

Now, this is an amazing bit of Asus Eee PC modding: Eee PC Internal Upgrades – ivc wiki * USB hubs – 11.20 USD * GPS module – 36.70 USD * Bluetooth – 5.65 USD * SDHC card reader – … Continue reading

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AOL 2.0

Doc Searls said something interesting in this post about Twitter and Facebook: I’m sure there’s something on Facebook that does the same thing. But Facebook is AOL 2.0. It’s heavy and complicated and wants to run my life. So I … Continue reading

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