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Asus Eee PC Touch Panel Installation: Pre-installation (with video)

Yesterday, after several weeks of delay, I received the 7-inch touch panel I had ordered for my [[[Asus Eee PC]]]. Much thanks to jkkmobile for discovering that one could install a touch panel in the Eee and for paving the way with his video how-to. Before I get into the nitty-gritty of taking my machine apart and internally installing this touch panel, I wanted to make sure that I could install the drivers and get it working okay externally. This was simple enough, since the kit I had ordered came with a USB cable interface. Here’s a video of what I’ve managed to get up and running so far:

The panel I ordered is made by Xenarc Technologies and although it came with an installation disk for the software / drivers, there are newer versions online, available here. It looks like, if I get fed up with Windows, I can easily switch back to Ubuntu, as there are Debian drivers available (which I may do, b/c Windows is already annoying me; you can see it stall out on me at one point in the video above). There are also OS X drivers, and I installed the software on my Macbook and plugged the panel in as a little external touchpad and it worked fine (though it’s clearly built to be a panel *covering* the display; I wonder how much a 13-inch panel to cover the Macbook’s screen would run?). The software allows you to calibrate the screen however you like, so you can install it upside down, if the cable placement works better there. That’s one of the things I have to determine once I crack my Eee open. I’ll post more with more details as I go through this process (and just as a forewarning: it probably won’t happen quickly, as I’m pretty swamped and I need to go foraging for all the supplies needed first).

If you’re thinking about doing the same sort of thing, here’s some recommended reading:
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  • John 1/14/2008, 12:09 pm

    Not sure why it would stall out, it looks like you have about 18 things running in the notification area.

  • sean percival 1/14/2008, 9:00 pm

    Ya that systray is outa control!!!!! Kill some of those and make sure you only run what you need in startup! Windows 101 at the office soon :P

    Also if this screen runs via USB im thinking it would be nice to have in a car.