Our apartment

Yesterday, Kristin and I visited our apartment in Bronxville, which is still waiting to be bought by some lucky family out there. The market has been at a standstill for the last few months, but someone came and looked at the place about an hour before we arrived, so there seems to be some signs of improvement. Hopefully, we’ll get an actual offer soon.

It was bittersweet being there. We were basically combing over the place for odds and ends that we want to pack up and take back with us to LA, but it was sad to see all the stuff sitting there unused, all our furniture, all the things we love, all arranged the way we arranged them to make them ours. The green accent walls. My office. Man, I miss my home office.

Anyway, Kristin packed up a bunch of kitchen supplies and residual clothing. I packed up a few sweaters, one light coat that will play well in LA, and a bunch of gadgetry odds and ends that were hidden in the corners of my office. One thing, rather disappointingly, has entirely gone missing. I had the box that my Sony Reader came in, stuffed with its receipt and the warranty that we bought for it, which guaranteed upgrade to the next model for the cost of the price difference between the two. I was excited to grab it and upgrade while I was in town, but it’s not where I thought I left it, and though I looked all over the place, I couldn’t find it. Either I shipped it out to LA in one of the boxes that I haven’t yet unpacked and forgot about it, or it has just gone missing somewhere in the coast to coast move. So no new Sony Reader for me.

I did manage to grab some of my good art paper and roll it up nicely so I have some large archive quality paper to sketch on in LA (if I can only manage to transport it without damaging the paper). I wish I could bring my easel. We also grabbed lunch from J&G Deli across the street. Man, I miss their food. I miss the neighborhood.

Anyway, I miss New York and my apartment and I’ve got a head cold to boot.

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