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Early Christmas: New PSP

Kristin picked me up from work today wearing the boots I bought her for Christmas that she wasn’t supposed to open yet. As a result, I arrived home and ripped open my new white PSP slim Rebel Assault edition (complete with Darth Vader on the back) and composite video attachment to hook it up to the TV.

I know I’m late to the game on this, but this Playstation Portable that I always wanted to be a portable Playstation 2 has *finally* become something very close to that. I can throw the PSP and this cable in my bag, take it with me wherever and plug it in to a nice large TV and play games on the set or watch my UMD movies. I’m watching Sin City right now and it looks pretty HD on the 32-inch set. No artifacts and better than regular DVD. That’s insane.

ps—If anyone is looking on buying a first gen PSP, I’ve got a used one for sale.

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  • Anonymous 12/23/2008, 6:31 pm

    ummm….no! composite video out will NOT WORK for games, sorry try again.