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Mahalo Social

Jason unveiled [[[Mahalo Social]]] today at Le Web 3 in Paris. I woke up around 2:30-3:30am just to watch and make sure all went well with the launch. Here’s the details:

You can now recommend links, make friends on Mahalo, share links you’ve recommended with friends, and much more. Your level of participation counts with Mahalo Social—recommend great links and your rank rises on our leaderboard. Read on to find out [[[How to Use Mahalo Social]]].

So far several people are talking about us. You can track all of what everyone is saying on our [[[Mahalo Press Coverage]]] page, but here’s a few of the early responses:

Mahalo takes a step forward with human-powered search engine
Mahalo Adds the Social Graph to Search
Mahalo Takes Human Powered Search to Social Extreme
Mahalo Goes Social
Mahalo Social: Search Engine Becomes a Social Network
Jason Calacanis – Mahalo – Internet pollution and how to stop it

Here’s my member profile, if you want to friend me on Mahalo Social.

And, finally, here’s some video of Jason’s Le Web presentation where he announces Mahalo Social:

Big props to the entire Mahalo Team for the hard work on this! We hope everyone out there in internetland really loves it.

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