How to embed videos without breaking validation!

So, I finally managed to get my blog’s new design to fully validate. Check it out. It took a little bit of combing through the code, but I managed to squash all the validation errors.

The most problematic of the errors was one caused by’s embed code. If you want to embed videos without breaking validation, simply find the part that says:
allowfullscreen="true" id="showplayer"
Cut those two little bits out of the embed code that gives you and you should have videos that work and complete validation.

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A whole new world…

So I’ve settled on a new design for this blog. It’s Cutline by Chris Pearson with a slight bit of tweaking (mainly with the picture). For some reason, I cannot get the template’s built in Archives to work, so I removed that page. When I tried to turn it on, it pointed to a seriously old archive of early iterations of this site that weren’t in WordPress and are sitting static over here. I tried moving that directory and then creating a blank archive page per the instructions to the template, all to no avail. The sitemap link down at the very bottom is also non-functioning, so I need to pull it still. I seem to have some old cobwebs in my .htaccess file that are mucking things up a bit. I deleted a few bits that were interfering with the layout of this design (which was odd in the first place; pulling old CSS from the old 404 page and applying it to this new design), but if I tinker too much with that file it starts throwing other things like my RSS feeds out of whack.

In any case, I am liking the new look, and especially the room for more content. I now have 3 columns and am cramming them full of Twitter, Flickr,, etc. Best thing about it, it doesn’t look crammed to me. What do you all think? Good redesign? Anything else you’d like to see?