Thinking about redesigning this site….

It’s time for some change. 3-column design, methinks. Any preferences, input, thoughts? Any favorite WordPress Themes that I should start with and hack to my will?

Update: New theme in place. What do you think? I’m editing it now…

Eh, I didn’t love it.

Update: I changed my mind. Still working on it.

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4 Responses to Thinking about redesigning this site….

  1. Derek Reiff says:

    Ahhh man… I came looking.

  2. From the same guy who made the Cutline theme you appear to be using right now is Neoclassical, which I switched to recently:

    3-column just like Cutline, a tighter layout but a bit more minimal, for better or worse. I hacked the theme to add WordPress 2.3 tags to each post and I’m working on some other stuff, but I really dig the overall tight design compared to Cutline.

  3. Myst3r1o says:

    Yeah, this layout looks better than your previous one.

    And you are right about it not looking cluttered… not at all.

    Pretty awesome.

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