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Bye 2007, Hello 2008

This is my favorite blog post from 2007. It’s me talking about being part of the start-up life and the difference between working on a start-up inside a large corporation (relaunching Netscape inside AOL) and starting up something like [[[Mahalo]]] … Continue reading

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Overclock your Asus Eee PC FSB on Ubuntu

I should have done this weeks ago. Last night, I tweaked the instructions found here slightly to remove the 70Mhz cap on the front side bus on my Asus Eee PC. Why would you do this? Well, the 900Mhz processor … Continue reading

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Shoutcast TV via VLC on Ubuntu

Just got Shoutcast TV working on VLC on Ubuntu. It’s sort of cludgy where they have it hidden. First I searched for how to do it with no luck and found this Ubuntu forums thread where others were also confused … Continue reading

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Our apartment

Yesterday, Kristin and I visited our apartment in Bronxville, which is still waiting to be bought by some lucky family out there. The market has been at a standstill for the last few months, but someone came and looked at … Continue reading

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Internal 3G HSDPA on the Asus Eee PC

This is an amazing hack, adding an internal 3G HSDPA modem to the Asus Eee PC Tags: asus, asus eee pc, eee pc, hack

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