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New “no result” page at Mahalo

Check out Jason’s post for all the details: New “no result” page at I really like this new setup. Hello, tab, I love you. Advertisements

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ASUS EEE PC Defective Screen

Here’s a pic of my temporary [[[Asus Eee PC]]] that I received today and already sent back to NewEgg. It’s incredibly small and I was super-excited about it, but after it got past this original boot screen and I launched … Continue reading

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Mahalo Daily: Deep Fried Turkey

Mmmmm, Turkey: Mahalo Daily » Blog Archive » MD009 – Deep Fried Turkey: More here: [[[How to Deep Fry a Turkey]]] [[[How to Pick a Thanksgiving Turkey]]] [[[Thanksgiving]]] [[[Thanksgiving Recipes]]] [[[Frying]]] [[[How to Make Turducken]]] [[[How to Cook a Turkey]]] … Continue reading

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Check it: RCRD LBL Congrats, Peter!

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Mahalo Daily: How to cure a hangover

Check it out: How to cure a hangover: More information here: [[[How to Cure a Hangover]]] [[[Congeners]]] [[[Acetaldehyde]]] [[[Dehydration]]] [[[Hypoglycemia]]]

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I Want Sandy

Rael Dornfest makes cool things (I worked with him on several O’Reilly books; hi, Rael!) and this BoingBoing post about his newest project I Want Sandy sounds interesting. I need to fiddle with it some on my own, but it … Continue reading

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Mahalo Daily: Spotlight on Dopplr

This is amazing. Watch it: Mahalo Daily » Blog Archive » MD005 – Spotlight on Dopplr

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