The problem with America…

… besides the current low price of the dollar, the years of war, the insane debt, and the falsely dichotomized rhetoric of Republicans vs Democrats is (drum roll) health care / insurance companies.

I’ve been miserable all week because my insurance company is asking for verification from my Doctor that I really need my allergy medicine. Uh… what about the PRESCRIPTION THAT HE SIGNED?!

I’m with Blue Shield of California and when I went to see my doctor this morning for this extra paperwork (mind you they’re having to shovel out more money for me to visit my doctor than they would have to just cover the medicine without having to make me jump through hoops), he commented that Blue Shield is the worst about being “low rent.” Fun.

I’ll be switching companies as soon as I can find out who isn’t so low rent.

//rant off

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  1. DC Dan says:

    I’ve had issues with BCBS in the past. I’m currently with Kaiser, but if you have the time I’m sure it would be much appreciated by many if you posted your findings.

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