Gmail IMAP watch: Where’s my Gmail IMAP?

So, a week ago, Gmail announced that they were rolling out free Gmail IMAP for everyone. I’m a Google Apps customer, so I expected to receive my free (although paid for) Gmail IMAP almost immediately, because… well, I’m a paying customer. Unfortunately, it’s a full week later, and still no Gmail IMAP for me. This weekend I wrote to Google Apps support about it not being activated yet and they replied:

Hello C.K.,

Thanks for your message.

We are aware of this issue and are working hard to make IMAP available for
everyone. We appreciate your patience. If your language is set to
English(US), you should see IMAP functionality in your accounts within the
next few days.


The Google Apps Team

I received this email on Sunday. “A few days” in my mind is 2 days. It’s 3 days now and still nothing, although I did get another email from Google asking how they did on their customer support. I rated them highly on being courteous but horribly on everything else.

Does anyone from Google read my blog? If so, could you lend a hand please? I’d really like this wonderful new feature that all your free customers seem to already have. I love your products, I want to be a big Google supporter, but every time I encounter a problem where I have to turn to customer service, I am left feeling abandoned and uncared for by a company which, quite honestly, has enough money and resources to do customer support correctly.

UPDATE: It finally arrived!

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7 Responses to Gmail IMAP watch: Where’s my Gmail IMAP?

  1. phi says:

    I was waiting for quite some time too, they just turned on IMAP for me around 11PM EST last night.

  2. Eric Brown says:

    Don’t feel too bad…I’m a free customer and still don’t have IMAP. I am waiting impatiently for this new feature.

  3. Chris Finke says:

    I’m a non-paying GMail user, and I noticed the IMAP settings in my account before I read about it being available.

    I have nothing constructive to say, just came to gloat.

  4. Eric Brown says:

    I now have IMAP available as well. Perhaps Google is watching the blogosphere for people who complain and giving them access :)

  5. Kay says:

    I signed up for g mail only so I could e mail articles directly from the web. However, there is no IMAP to send the e mail. How frustrating do you want to make this?

    Clear my account and get on with it please.

  6. JK says:

    I have IMAP on Gmail via T-Bird 2.0, and it’s unimpressive. Slow, times out repeatedly, etc. I tried G-Apps, and it’s equally underwhelming. Tried to transfer some mail (via POP or IMAP) and they actually locked me out of my account. Can’t wait to see what they do for their next act.

    ps: Emailing customer service is exactly as useful as not emailing them.

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