Time Warner SoCal leaving us hanging for 2 months

We’ve been trying to get cable for about 2 months now in Santa Monica. They came and “hooked us up” several weeks after we scheduled our first appointment. Every channel said “Please wait. This channel will be available shortly” for twenty plus minutes. We found out that the building we’re in didn’t have a good connection, so we spent forever trying to get the connection to the building upgraded. This took multiple phone call and multiple visits. I think they’ve come over 6 times now to work on this. Supposedly the external line to the building was done this morning.

This afternoon another representative of Time Warner arrived to hook up the internal cable. He came to the door and asked Kristin rudely where the cable box was. She pointed to the box in front of the TV and he said “No, the box outside.” She said, “I have no idea, they were here this morning.” He replied, “I know. They had to upgrade the connection to the building! Where’s the box?” She reiterated that she had no idea and that he should call the people from this morning. He left, acting as if he was going to work on it and never got back to us.

Tonight, we hooked up the cable box to see if he actually did anything. It didn’t work. We called Time Warner to see if there was something they needed to do remotely to activate it. The woman on the phone asked me to turn the TV on and then off to find out what channel it was on. I told her that since it was an HD box, I had it connected via component cables so there was no channel. She again reiterated for me to turn it on and off to discover the channel. I did it to humor her and told her what the display was (it indicated that it was the component input, just as I had told her). She again asked me to turn the TV on and then off. I told her “No matter what the script you are working from says, this is the component input, so there is no channel.” She then told me that the TV was separate from the cable box and that I needed to turn it on and off and get the channel. I again told her she was incorrect and then she proclaimed that she wasn’t going to deal with this any longer and I would have to call back and speak with someone else. I immediately asked to speak to her supervisor and she hung up on me.

Time Warner, your company is failing customers like me. If you’ve had some problems with Time Warner, especially in the SoCal area, please share your nightmare story in the comments, link to this blog post, and let’s hope it starts popping up all over the place.

//rant off

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  1. Anon says:

    Sorry to hear about your issues, but once you get cable hooked up you may not be any happier. In my experience the cable goes out DAILY (this affects TV viewing as well as internet use, which is critical if you work from home ever!). Time Warner promised credits for these outages, but the credits have never appeared on my bill. Speaking of the bill, I’ve been fighting with them for over 18 months now (Time Warner charges for equipment I don’t have, charges for service appointments that their technicians don’t keep, I don’t get a bundle discount – in fact – the discount is applied as a charge!, the list goes on… I filed a complaint with the BBB and Time Warner responded with they had corrected the billing issue. A few days later, the bill was back in error. Sighs. What other choice do I have?

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