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More fun with OPML Mahalo Goodness

So the other day, I was amazed by Grazr, after seeing Jason and Ray blog about it on their blogs and using it with one of our RSS feeds. Today, I popped the OPML file for my profile page in there and got the following goodness (which is now in the side bar to this blog):

This shows all the pages I’ve done on Mahalo, which isn’t really that cool, because I’ve done far less than any of our amazing Guides. What is cool is that with this, you can click on any of the search results listed and dive into the structure of the search result: sections show up as folders and you can expand them to see all the links.

What blows my mind about this is whenever you run into another internal link at Mahalo, you can keep on drilling down through the outline. So, for example, clicking on [[[The Daily SeRP List]]] inside this little Grazr widget lists all the different verticals as folders. Click on a specific vertical and you can see all the Guides working in that vertical, the search results they are working on, and then clicking on any of those specific serps brings up the OPML of that page, so you can drill down into all the links they are currently working on.

It’s great to see our developers releasing cool things like this and I hope that it proves useful for all the other developers out there who can join in the fun via our Mahalo Development Google Group, which Ray announced last week.

UPDATE: I just realized you can make one of just the Daily SeRP list too. Cool…