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Saying Goodbye

Man, today was kind of tough. We had a get together at Kristin’s parents’ house with a bunch of our friends and family as a sort of “hey we’re leaving for LA” gathering. It was tough. Same questions over and … Continue reading

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On seeing iPhones in other people’s hands…

…they’re very pretty and cool, but… I’m starting to see and hear the type of real reviews of the [[[iPhone]]] that I was hoping would emerge. Dave Winer’s is great: iPhone, month 1 (Scripting News). It confirms many of my … Continue reading

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Holy Harry!

How the heck is this legal: (Book VII) Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows? Scribd? Full text of the book scanned in AND an audio version of the entire book. Found via this awesome post. UPDATE: Double holy Harry! You … Continue reading

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I want these…

Check it: Boing Boing: Five-toed athletic sandals for barefoot comfort Anyone know any retail stores in LA or NY where I can actually try these on before purchasing? UPDATE: REI on 3rd carries them and some other place up on … Continue reading

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Thatcher is 1

The Prime Minister turned 1 year old today!

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