Saying Goodbye

Man, today was kind of tough. We had a get together at Kristin’s parents’ house with a bunch of our friends and family as a sort of “hey we’re leaving for LA” gathering. It was tough. Same questions over and over again. Same sort of sad looks of realization that yes this is really happening. We are really moving. And soon.

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3 Responses to Saying Goodbye

  1. Dude – I hear that, and know it well. The bright side, of course, is the new opportunities that await you on this side of the country. ;)

  2. Alberto says:

    CK, best of luck with your new place/life. I’ll be cheering from here. All I can say is that you’re in good hands.

  3. This is a massive bummer, since I had hoped to catch up to you before you left. But here’s hoping I can figure something out in early January of ’08 ;)

    (I’m winking at you a lot today– something in my eye)

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