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Seeing [[[The Simpsons Movie]]] got me all jazzed up over the upcoming Futurama direct to DVD movies and the upcoming Futurama Returns on Comedy Central. Fortunately, Evan is a *huge* Futurama fan too and was kind enough to bust out … Continue reading

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How to Download Free Music – Mahalo

Our Guides Lon and Andy worked hard digging through all the ways to download free music online and they put together this great page: How to Download Free Music – Mahalo. There were a lot of tips that I didn’t … Continue reading

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Everyone else is doing it….

They didn’t seem to have a double chin setting. Hmm… Saw [[[The Simpsons Movie]]] Friday night with a bunch of the Mahalo Guides. Great flick. Really funny. Kristin just saw this post and said that it looks nothing like me … Continue reading

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Mahalo User Testing Video

This post by Eric explains the difference between trial and error search with Google / Yahoo and Mahalo search. Here’s the accompanying video: Do you want to know more about our user testing? Check out this page.

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Ingmar Bergman

The Seventh Seal is one of my favorite movies. Ingmar Bergman Died.

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Saying Goodbye

Man, today was kind of tough. We had a get together at Kristin’s parents’ house with a bunch of our friends and family as a sort of “hey we’re leaving for LA” gathering. It was tough. Same questions over and … Continue reading

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On seeing iPhones in other people’s hands…

…they’re very pretty and cool, but… I’m starting to see and hear the type of real reviews of the [[[iPhone]]] that I was hoping would emerge. Dave Winer’s is great: iPhone, month 1 (Scripting News). It confirms many of my … Continue reading

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