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Alvey’s leaving AOL

Check it: Why I am leaving AOL – The Brian Alvey Weblog. Congrats to Brian! I’m looking forward to seeing the great stuff coming out of ComixMix. If I get my sketching and doodling together, I may come knocking on … Continue reading

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If this school had been around when I was of college age…

…I very well may have become a cartoonist: I Know Joe Kimpel Blog. Only downside: it’s in Vermont. How about launching a virtual campus initiative where people can take classes online? I’d totally be down for that…

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I, also, want Verizon Fios…

I spotted Jason’s post where he is begging Joseph Ambeault and Joe Savage for Verizon Fios and I thought Yeah, I want Fios, too, but then I thought of a different approach: Dear Verizon Marketing Department: Hook me up with … Continue reading

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Xbox 360 Carry on…

I packed up my Xbox 360, so I’ll have some entertainment during my current spot of traveling. Jake from 8BitJoystick commented on the above Flickr pic that he’d never check his 360, then I pointed out that it was in … Continue reading

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Ocean back in AIM action

I sent an email to Helio support and about 15 minutes later it was working again. Coincidence?

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