Senator John McCain

I just met Senator John McCain and shook his hand.
John McCain
He kicked off D5 tonight. I think this conference is going to be pretty great. Also, I was walking next to Martha Stewart earlier. Spotted George Lucas.

Rafat Ali and I talked to Sky Dayton, the CEO of Helio about the Ocean and things we’d like to see change about the device. I was focusing on the battery removal issues and the AIM outage I had a week or so ago, and Rafat was asking for a better Gmail interface, as he cannot effectively manage his Gmail (add stars, delete emails, etc) from the device.

I also chatted briefly with Om Malik earlier. He said, “You used to write for The Unofficial Apple Weblog, didn’t you?” Made me smile that I’m remembered for all that Mac blogging. He’s a nice guy.

Also, spotted Jim Bankoff and hung out with Ryan Block from Engadget for a bit. Good to see all these people. There’s a lot happening here at D5. Interesting stuff.

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4 Responses to Senator John McCain

  1. I’m green dude. And TUAW misses you :)

  2. Jake of says:

    Did you ask him how many people he wanted to die in Iraq?

  3. Mike Rose says:

    Interesting. I learned a lot about McCain sitting next to his cousin on the flight out to WWDC last year. Apparently McCain’s mom is an identical twin, so his cousin is genetically as close as a half-brother.

    The cousin (a dealer in African art and antiquities, I wish I could recollect his name, nice guy) said that his mother and his aunt, both in their nineties, were planning to be around for Inauguration Day.

  4. Jake of says:

    “said that his mother and his aunt, both in their nineties, were planning to be around for Inauguration Day.”

    To watch Senator Clinton get sworn in? Sweet!

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