If this school had been around when I was of college age…

…I very well may have become a cartoonist: I Know Joe Kimpel Blog. Only downside: it’s in Vermont.

How about launching a virtual campus initiative where people can take classes online? I’d totally be down for that…

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One Response to If this school had been around when I was of college age…

  1. C.K., there is a way to do this, although online education currently sucks and blows. Couple this with accreditation woes and govt lunacy, and there’s no wonder innovation in education is rare.

    I took some online game design classes (bachelor level, less than 20 hrs.) and had drawing classes online. They rocked, because the instructor, a Mac guy, knew how to use the medium and worked us through a primitive but effective system.

    Art Institue Online is about the only game in town, and they do well. Personally I think it could be done better ;)

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