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I, also, want Verizon Fios…

I spotted Jason’s post where he is begging Joseph Ambeault and Joe Savage for Verizon Fios and I thought Yeah, I want Fios, too, but then I thought of a different approach:

Dear Verizon Marketing Department:

Hook me up with free Verizon Fios in Chester Heights 10708 (and wherever I may move to in the future), and I’ll make you the official sponsors of my blog, give you a modest banner ad space announcing the relationship at the top of the site (no pop-ups; no crazy flashy things that are rude to my readers), and I will blog about my experiences with Fios, very honestly and transparently. If your product is good, it will be great PR. If your product has problems, it will be great user testing and feedback.

If you’re interested, feel free to shoot me an email. ck at sampletheweb.com.


C.K. Sample III

ps—If you want to throw in a free USB-based EVDO solution for my laptop when I’m on the go, that would be a great opportunity for more PR and user testing. ;-)

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