How to linkbait me

So Jason wrote these rules on linkbating him, and the only blogger on the list of those who went for it who actually has a nice-sized following (I think) was Dave Winer, who wrote: How to linkbait me (Scripting News). At the end of the list, Jason asks where are all the linkbaits from Scoble, Alvey, Rojas, etc, etc. None of those people need the link back.

I like Winer’s number 1 on his list. It’s very targeted and exclusive and nice.

If you want to know how to linkbait me: say something intelligent and link it to something intelligent I said, so that I notice it and then we can have an interesting conversation. That’s part of the magic of blogging. The other part of the magic, for me at least, is venting. I love venting. Most of my venting isn’t very intelligent, so don’t bother linking to it.

ps—Finke’s post was the best of the respondents. Funny guy, Finke.

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  1. Coral says:

    Did Jason link you?? Lucky you. I have well and truly pissed him off… and I’m not a troll either.

    How can a blogger make a linkbait appeal without attracting the spammers, psychos and trolls? I get all these in droves and truckloads.


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