Pretty cool. I just got a FedEx package with a little “Picture this…” welcome package from Nikon, inviting me to participate in a program where they send me a Nikon D80 to play with for 6 months. Here’s the details:

YES! You made it!
Nikon’s “Picture This” program is designed to give you, the blogger, the ability to use the Nikon D80 D-SLR camera in any way you see fit, and we expect that you will work wonders with it. After you complete the following short registration process you’ll be all signed up and we’ll ship the D80 to the address you’ve provided. The camera is yours to use as you continue through the program. The only request we have of you is that you please make sure that, if you choose to write about the camera, you make it clear how you got it. We would never ask you to cross any ethical lines, so openness and honesty on all our parts is in everyone’s best interest.

The camera is essentially being loaned to you for six months at which point you have three options:

1. Return it to us
2. Re-up for another six month loan period, or
3. Buy the camera at a significantly reduced editorial discount.

Should you opt for #1 or #3, the camera or the purchase price will then be donated to a photography education program that Nikon supports. That’s it.

Terms and Conditions:
You’ve agreed to accept a camera on a consignment basis for a term of six months, at which time you will be given the option to return the camera; renew for another six-month term; purchase the camera at a discounted price based on editorial discount rate at that time. If you choose to renew your consignment, you will be given the same option to purchase the camera at the end of that second term, and the price will be the editorial discount rate at that time. Additionally, you will be given the opportunity to contact the Picture This team at any time, as a participant in this program, at TKTKTKTK. In your welcome package, you will also receive additional information, including materials on how you can receive 1/2 hour of in-person (based on location) or telephone-based training on how to use the D80 from one of our team members.

As any longtime reader of this blog knows, I have a Nikon D70, and have been lusting after an upgrade to a D200. I’ll gladly give this D80 a whirl though for six months. Consider this my public warning to all that I’m getting to use the camera as part of this program. I will also continue to critique all forms of technology with my normal fervor and blatantly honest opinion.

If anyone from Canon wants to send me a Digital Rebel, so I can have a shoot off testing, by all means, contact me.

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  1. I want to know how you applied for this – I want to apply! Can you share?

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