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Fixing the blogosphere

Scoble posts about what’s happening to Kathy Sierra:

We have to fix this culture. For the next week, let’s discuss how.

My thoughts (aside from going the police route, which Kathy is already doing):

1. Stop tolerating these people.
2. Don’t link to them. Ever. Remove old links if possible.
3. Encourage bloggers to take responsibility not only for their blogging, but also for the comments on their blogs. Hit that delete button when it gets out of hand. If it’s crazy out of hand to the extent where it becomes illegal, copy the information first and report it to the police.
4. Let their advertisers, Google included, know that you don’t want to do business with said advertisers if they continue to advertise with these people.
5. For those that are not arrested, watch them disappear into their own navel-gazing universe of hatred and self-loathing.

As a side note, I’d add that our current tolerance level is too high on the Internet. The side effects of that is whacko crazy hatred people and spam blogs. They’re all part of the same machine. Stop feeding them. I’m looking at you, Google.

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  • Eliot 3/26/2007, 7:06 pm

    A disturbed individual delivered a very serious death threat in person to one of the speakers at Shmoocon this weekend. I hope everyone is taking their personal safety very seriously.

  • Mintyfunk 3/27/2007, 11:19 am

    What is going on in peoples heads these days? Whatever happend to civil social discourse?

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