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Tweets on 2007-03-25

  • watching payperpost vs calacanis. awesome: http://tinyurl.com/27pomk #
  • Got livestrong coffee mug at coffee bean. Came with free coffee. Gave coffee to a homeless guy. Picked up some milk from whole foods. #
  • @davewiner: install Bootcamp on your Mac and reboot and install windows, maybe? #
  • @sarah: I left out that I asked him if I could kick him before giving him the coffee. He said sure, so I kicked him in the shin. KIDDING #
  • just tricked EyeTV into thinking that it was a registered copy. (copied prefs from one computer to another). Now I can watch TV & work!!! #
  • omg you’re shopping AGAIN! Buy something this time. Do you have another client? or is this shopping for yourself? Best personal shopper EVAR #
  • everyone on twitter should start talking together sans the @soandso, I think. That way we can have all sorts of public private conversations #
  • i mean don’t use it; just reply without it and that way everyone who isn’t you and me has to figure out who is talking to who. public secret #
  • missing my wife. talking to her on the phone. paused this, which I’m watching. Interesting: http://tinyurl.com/ystwmk #
  • why does Cingular service suck here? twice now, mid-convo with wife I suddenly get a busy signal. #
  • eating leftover pizza for lunch #
  • I gave a homeless guy a free coffee. vincent let an old lady ahead of him at the store. who else is joining the some small niceness meme? #
  • cannot get my wiimote to pair with my macbook. trying to use this: http://tinyurl.com/2bqw5o #
  • rednikki and vincenzof have joined me in the do a nice thing for a stranger and twitter it meme. EVERYONE DO IT!!! #
  • sambearpoet is the most recent participant in the niceness meme. small kindness = letting someone ahead of you in line. who else? JOIN IN!!! #
  • I mean, letting someone ahead of you = small kindness. Many more small kindnesses out there. #
  • finally got wii loop machine to work. Pretty cool, but it needs better loops… wonder if garageband loops will work with some tinkering…. #
  • if you haven’t watched the latest calacaniscast yet, you have to check it out. last 5 minutes are a must see. PayPerPost is the guest. #
  • waiting for a furniture delivery. ugh. what a sunny nice day to waste waiting… #
  • Delivery is here. w00t #
  • debating whether to go out and by a cheap tv or continue using the second laptop as a tv… #
  • rocking twitterific 2.0 #
  • wants to know if what Finke is compiling is a newer version of the same thing that has already blown my mind OR something new #
  • checking out zefrank’s .org: http://www.zefrank.org/ #
  • agreed. the new twitterific is much better than the last. #
  • everyone who is just now discovering this: twitter has always used tinyurl for really long links or links near the end of your tweets #
  • haha #
  • budke is heading over and we’re going to the promenade for a couple of hours before i have to head to LAX to pickup someone. Meet up? #
  • Apple Symbol = alt+shift+K #
  • looking for the Apple TV OS image file on bittorrent while waiting for budke to arrive #

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  • Mike 3/26/2007, 12:18 pm

    so I’m looking at twitter and I see a notice that there is a new blog post up featuring your tweets. how meta is that?

    or is it just crazy talk?