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Google Apps still failing to comprehend my problem

So, considering how Google only hires people who pass their trumped up genius test, you’d think someone over there would be able to figure out my problem. Alas, I had a glimmer of hope this week when they replied to the email I’d sent them, saying that they needed my customer pin along with the written request to delete the account. So I send them this information and they reply with the following:

Hello Clinton,

Google Apps has cancelled your order. Your credit card was not charged.

* Reason: Other (describe below)

* Comments from Google Apps: “User requested cancellation”

Order Details – Feb 26, 2007 21:00 GMT-05:00
Google Order #TKTKTKTK
Qty Item Price
1 Google Apps Premier Edition – Purchase 1 User Accounts for www.sampletheweb.com $50.00
Tax (NY) : $0.00
Total : $50.00
Order cancelled – Your card was not charged

Check the status of this order anytime in your Google Account.

Gee. Great. Thanks for doing the same exact thing that you already did over a week ago without really reading my complaint. Even though they deleted the pro account, the regular account still exists and I still cannot re-register the corrected form of my URL.


So, I’ve emailed them again. Let’s see if they get it this time. We’re two weeks into this now, folks.

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