God, John[ny], and The Wandering Jew Are Americans

The full title of this old paper of mine is God, John[ny], and The Wandering Jew Are Americans: Manifestations of Biblical Legends/Myths of Immortality Within Late 20th Century Popular Culture. You can find it here in html format, and here as a PDF. It is copyright to myself, but I freely grant anyone the privilege to use the text in a classroom or educational setting, as long as it is not for a publication or for profit.

To the person who wrote to me several months ago, asking that I repost this article online, my apologies for the long delay. It took me quite a while to track the paper down.

Update: Found the song and video the paper is partially about on YouTube:

UPDATE AGAIN: Playing around with Issuu and I decided to embed the paper here:

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2 Responses to God, John[ny], and The Wandering Jew Are Americans

  1. Tara says:

    that title brings back memories. you know there’s a movie about the Pugsley’s: http://www.thepizzamovie.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=100&cpage=74&perpage=15&cat=all

  2. chloe Jones says:

    God, The Wandering Jew Are Americans!
    Chloe Jones

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