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Trying to get Google Apps to respond…

I just filled out their support form for the nth time. Here’s what I wrote:

Describe what happened and what you expected to happen:
As I emailed to you before, and as I posted here: http://groups.google.com/group/hosted-the-basics/browse_thread/thread/fc7c0e78e9ef9b54?hl=en I signed up with www.sampletheweb.com so all my emails were showing up as ck at www.sampletheweb.com. I want this account deleted entirely so that I can pay you $50 and set up a pro account for sampletheweb.com. Please help.

Then, since I am beyond irritated about this issue, I went ahead and filled out the next section too:

Steps to reproduce the bug (if known):
Step 1: Register for a very confusing service with no help whatsoever from a non-responsive Google team.
Step 2: Try to contact an unresponsive help form and forums.
Step 3: Get angrier by the day and blog about it a lot.

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  • Cheryl Moore 9/13/2007, 11:12 pm

    I would like to report one of your customers as being a scamer and a fraud. He tried to sell me a car that he took off ebay and put on craigslist. I paid him 1/2 the money then found the car on ebay motors exact pics and everything. He should not be alowed to have an email account thru you I have also reported him to athorities and yahoo. his mail address is alexalexcoller@gmail.com
    take care of this idiot befor he hurts someone and takes them for all they have!!!!

  • c.k. 9/14/2007, 1:10 am

    not my customer. I am not affiliated with google.