Wii problems…

I wish I had read Jake’s Review of Virtual Console on Nintendo Wii a bit more closely before today. I bought a slew of virtual console games that simply do not work / display on my Sony 32″ WEGA HDTV. That really really sucks. I hope Nintendo comes out with a fix for this soon or starts warning people about it and issuing refunds to people like myself. 4 games that I bought just result in a black screen when I launch them. I’m not going to waste component cables on the Wii since those cables are already being used for the true HD PS3.

More on this problem here. If you’re having this problem call Nintendo and complain: http://www.nintendo.com/contact I’m going to blog about this every day until they refund my money or fix this problem.

Also, is there some system-wide preference for playing left-handed that I haven’t found yet?

UPDATE: Looks like it’s a problem with plugging in the Wii through the cable box. If I plug directly into the TV it’s no problem. Thanks to the guy on Nintendo’s support line who helped me out with it. I need to find a good switch box for component cables now…

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  2. You poor left-handed bastard. Little known fact about me: I write with my left, but I’m actually right-dominant. So me and Wii will get along famously… Unlike you and your Southpaw mutation.

  3. Jake og 8bitjoystick.com says:

    You really should get a component switchbox and component cables for the Wii. Switchboxes can be a bit demonic but they are worth it in the end. ( http://www.8bitjoystick.com/archives/jake_beware_the_unholy_mess_of_component_cables.php ) It solved my HDTV problems and it makes games look super crisp.
    There was a time at the launch where component cables for the Wii were hard to come by.

    Now that I think about it I can’t think of any Wii games that I have that require you to hold the Wiimote in your right hand. But I agree that it would be easier if there was a system wide preference. Hell it would be great if the credit card companies could remember that out of the thousands of times over the past decade that I have used an ATM I have NEVER EVER picked any other language except English but they just can’t save a preference.

  4. Jake og 8bitjoystick.com says:
  5. DC Dan says:

    The left handedness thing seems to be a on a game by game basis.
    In the past I’ve used a Pelican switcher that I bought used for under $10 at a game store, it worked great, but was had a manual switch
    This may serve your needs

  6. shay says:

    what’s your mii? and how can i send you mine?

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