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Airport Extreme

I picked up an Airport Extreme the other day. This thing works great. The hard-drive share is amazingly simple. So much better than my old NSLU2. I wonder how easy it would be to set up a shared iTunes folder … Continue reading

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Thank you, American Airlines

Whoever the guy was who managed to get me on board my flight yesterday when I had lost track of time and almost missed it entirely, THANK YOU.

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I’m thinking about getting a bike stand…

…like this one from Saris Cycling Group, so that I can ride my bike indoors when it’s too cold outside to ride it for real. This one is the one that Mike Wesner, one of the developers from Netscape, has, … Continue reading

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Waiting in an airport…

So, I’m at LAX waiting on my flight. A morning flight to New York was canceled and there are about 125 people on standby for every subsequent flight throughout the day. People are losing it. I was plugged into the … Continue reading

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More intelligent people need to blog like this…

My pal Tom Drapeau went on some much needed vacation recently and was sending these great emails from Italy summarizing each day’s events. I told him he should be making it as a blog, b/c it was great stuff. Looks … Continue reading

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