Google Apps problems…

Ugh. So yesterday I signed up for Google Apps to reap the rewards of 10GBs of email, only to find that the service is not only insanely difficult to get right, but also the support is very non-existant. I registered my domain and they set it to, so any email address I tried to create appeared as and there was no way to change it. I emailed their tech support (b/c when I tried to call their 24/7 phone support, I was told I was calling outside of their normal business hours; wtf) and received the following reply, bold emphasis mine:


Thanks for taking the time to send us your message. This is an
auto-response with admin support resources. You won’t receive a response
from a member of our team.

To learn more about Google Apps, please visit the Help Center at, or by clicking ‘Help’ in your control

Many administrators are also finding quick and accurate information from
the Google Apps Help Discussion at


The Google Team

So, basically, we are either unwilling or incapable of helping you, so please try to find your help online in our Discussion boards.

Come on, Google. Make this work right.

Update: Note: I paid for the pro-version which entitles me to phone support, according to all the stuff I filled out last night. Grr…

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5 Responses to Google Apps problems…

  1. edbong says:

    Maybe that is the way to get you to pay for the premium edition…;)

  2. Hadley Stern says:

    I thought I read somewhere that the 10gigs is only for hosting of applications, not for email (even using the mydomain thingy, I could be wrong). Usually I’d agree with you here, but Google is providing this to the masses for free and as a beta. There shouldn’t be any expectation that you can talk to anyone for help.

  3. Suresh Paul says:

    I have found problems with google aps and in particular the sites – has anyone else had similar problems

  4. I don’t see why you think that Google set your domain to as when I go to where you login it just shows Notice it does not show so you incorrect that any email addresses you make are becuase they are not!

    If you need help with Google Apps let me know by email at

  5. c.k. says:

    Actually, Richard, this happened months ago. I finally fixed it by requesting my account to be deleted, then waiting close to a month for Google to actually delete the account, then recreating the account, this time without the www. at the beginning.

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