Waiting in an airport…

So, I’m at LAX waiting on my flight. A morning flight to New York was canceled and there are about 125 people on standby for every subsequent flight throughout the day. People are losing it. I was plugged into the power outlets over by the telephones earlier and one lady was on the phone with American Airlines weeping for two hours because she wasn’t going to be able to get to Ohio or Idaho today. I mean flipping out non-stop crying, telling everyone her sob story who would listen and then slamming down the pay phone in anger and screaming before running away. Granted: her situation sucked, but get a grip. If you are traveling these days, you should be mentally prepared to be inconvenienced. It’s part of the game.

I’ve been making other observations as well:

1. People think that Bluetooth means bluetooth headsets for their cellphones now. It’s like when iPod became synonymous with MP3 player and TiVO became synonymous with PVR. People think Bluetooth means a bluetooth capable headset. I don’t know why, but that amazes me.

2. People have no concept of how much space they take up, especially when they are carrying luggage. I keep getting bumped into by people’s stuff. *whack* RANDOM PERSON: “Oh sorry, I have no concept of personal space.” Me: “That’s okay. Please go somewhere and die.”

3. This terminal needs more food options. Chilis and Chilis to Go have lines half as long as Burger Kings which is stretching outside of the foodcourt area and halfway into the walkway, blocking the pedestrian traffic.

4. People keep asking me for the time and when I tell them they say, “Wait is that the time HERE?!” No, it’s the time in the imaginary land of Oz, you idiot. If you would just set your own watch to the local time you wouldn’t get so confused and wouldn’t have to irritate sane people like myself. Which is more inconvenient? Resetting your watch or asking people 5,000 times over the course of your trip what the time is and if they are answering you in local time. LOCAL TIME IS THE ONLY REAL TIME YOU NUMSKULL. //rant off

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  1. Eliot says:

    They don’t know their space and rolling luggage is their weapon. The last time I got stranded was when I coined the term “yammering cockbags” to refer to my fellow passengers. The accurate time can always be found of your cellphone, people.

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