LA Audio/Video Podcasting Guru with HD skills

Out in LA this week consulting with a client looking for someone capable of running and managing a podcasting studio. We’re looking for someone with the expertise to run the facility as a one-woman or one-man band in the short term and with the vision and management skills to help scale the project. Qualified applicants should be able to handle both audio and video podcasts, be familiar with working in HD video, and with various streaming options and technologies, especially high-end HD streaming.

If you are the elite ninja in this space looking to do something innovative and amazing online, contact me via my email: cksample at gmail dot com.

Update / Note: I realize that HD streaming isn’t too common these days (ie, most people don’t have the connection nor the equipment to support it), but this is a visionary, forward-thinking position. Thanks to all the friends who harassed me pointed out this issue after reading this post.

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