Sample The Web Podcast: Stealing Music

I whipped up a new podcast over the weekend all about subscribing to the RSS feed of this wonderful page in iTunes as if it were a podcast.

Sample The Web Podcast: Stealing Music
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ps—I own this Radiohead album and the track used in the podcast.

Update: It looks like Steve Jobs agrees with me (Thanks, Judith for the link!).

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2 Responses to Sample The Web Podcast: Stealing Music

  1. Hadley Stern says:

    Be careful, just because you own the CD doesn’t mean you own the rights to rebroadcast it!

  2. c.k. says:

    Yes, but that’s my point. I didn’t re-broadcast it. I re-re-broadcast it, as I grabbed the song off of that RSS feed, and I talk over the entirety of the song to make a point.

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