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More pics soonish… Update: Here’s one from pt: Advertisements

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So, I had a meeting in the city this morning and on the way to the meeting, I passed the Nintendo World store. It was 9:12 am. There was a line of people. I went inside. “Got the wii?” “Yes.” … Continue reading

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Hey check out this post: Hacks Authors’ Blogs: One Feed to Rule Them All to grab a feed that includes my blog and every other Hacks author’s blog in one big feed. Pretty cool. ps—I wrote a book called … Continue reading

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Google Apps problems…

Ugh. So yesterday I signed up for Google Apps to reap the rewards of 10GBs of email, only to find that the service is not only insanely difficult to get right, but also the support is very non-existant. I registered … Continue reading

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Airport Extreme

I picked up an Airport Extreme the other day. This thing works great. The hard-drive share is amazingly simple. So much better than my old NSLU2. I wonder how easy it would be to set up a shared iTunes folder … Continue reading

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Thank you, American Airlines

Whoever the guy was who managed to get me on board my flight yesterday when I had lost track of time and almost missed it entirely, THANK YOU.

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