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I’m in Wikipedia!

Check this out. There’s an update to Wikipedia’s Netscape entry that actually covers the new and I’m mentioned. No one has bothered to edit or create my page yet, but still it’s pretty cool. Thanks to Tom for giving … Continue reading

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Cool short film. Now on Google Video with french subtitles. And here I went and bought it on the iTunes Store. Wonder if this is legit or stolen.

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I like this effect.

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Dear spamtastic hordes of bad netizens:

I’m no longer actively working on running the day to day on Netscape. Do not email me asking for me to look into why you were banned from the site. You know damn well why you were banned. Go find … Continue reading

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Back to Safari

I’ve kicked Firefox to the curb. It kept memory leaking and crashing and now that I’m no longer working on Netscape, I have a little more freedom in my browser. So, I’m back in Safari and loving it thanks to … Continue reading

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Get Fit With Fat C.K.: The Return

So the first goal set for Get Fit With Fat C.K. failed miserably. I think much of this was because of several bad habits that were built into my Netscape workday (leading a team of individuals on a 24/7 news … Continue reading

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I’m no longer Lead Anchor on Netscape

*sigh* There is no longer a lead anchor badge on my Netscape member page. I passed the test. I will diminish, and go into the West and remain C.K.* *Note: extra special brownie points to whoever gets this reference.

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