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How to Set Up Your New Apple Mac: Initial Setup

Being the huge fan that I am of writing really basic step-by-step how tos, and having just set up two new Macs, I thought it would be a good time to revisit this infinitely revisit-able guide for the new Mac … Continue reading

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Samuel Beckett’s Film & Not I

U B U W E B – Film & Video: Samuel Beckett has both Film and Not I viewable on the site or downloadable. Not I was first performed in London 5 days after I was born, thought nearly a … Continue reading

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I’m in Wikipedia!

Check this out. There’s an update to Wikipedia’s Netscape entry that actually covers the new and I’m mentioned. No one has bothered to edit or create my page yet, but still it’s pretty cool. Thanks to Tom for giving … Continue reading

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Cool short film. Now on Google Video with french subtitles. And here I went and bought it on the iTunes Store. Wonder if this is legit or stolen.

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I like this effect.

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