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After a lot of thought, I’ve decided it’s time for me to move on from Netscape and AOL. Last Monday, I gave my two weeks notice with AOL. I assure you there is no ill will between myself, AOL, and Netscape. In fact, I hope to remain on board in some sort of consultant role with the company past my last day to help transition Netscape to new leadership.

Just over a year ago, Jason approached me with the first hinted ideas of rebuilding Netscape and from January 17th when I started full time at AOL until the beta launch of the new site on June 15th, we worked together to assemble an excellent team capable of building something new in the Web 2.0 space: a social news network with a very visible editorial team on top, helping to add context to the news, provide original reporting on top of the stories voted to the top by our members, and police and protect the site from abuse and spam with as much transparency as possible. After launch, we worked at a furious pace, adding more features, tweaking the site, and listening to the feature requests from our members. When Jason left in November and I took over as Director and General Manager of Netscape, I felt that there was still much work left to be done. In the last several months Netscape has welcomed its 100,000 member on board, we rethought the story capsule and the way that the homepage results are created to help balance the news on the site and grow traffic to the wide variety of Channels we provide, and we hired a new Senior Editor for the site to help us highlight the editorial work and content that the Anchors create. We have a rock solid development team led by Tom Drapeau capable of continuing to dazzle and innovate with new features. The site has grown to the point where I know it will continue to grow strongly without my presence at the helm. I’ll still be on board, commenting and participating with the rest of the community. I love the new Netscape and I hope to see it continue to grow and flourish online in the years and decades to come.

As always, my primary interests are writing, editing, education, community building, and creating great content for all the information hungry audiences out there. With that in mind, I’m looking to do some creation, whether it be a new book or perhaps serving as a consultant for a new enterprise. As both a professional blogger and social news editor, I’m well versed in Web 2.0, in building audiences, in growing online communities, in managing a remote workforce, and in coming up with new feature ideas that will help grow products. If you’re looking for someone with these skills, then we should talk. Here’s a resume that I’ve slapped together over at Emurse (run by my pals Alex and Gavin) and make sure you check out my LinkedIn profile.

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