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Some lines in the sand

Note: this post is long overdue and in response to a lot of the comments that I’ve seen on blogs and on social sites like Netscape. I am not speaking for anyone but myself when I say the following:

1. Please stop referring to liberals as liberal nazis. Nazis and Liberals are two entirely different things.

2. Please stop referring to Netscape as Libscape. We get many complaints from both liberals and conservatives accusing us of being one or the other. As I’ve said multiple times before, I’m a healthy mix of both.

3. 9-11 was not a government conspiracy. The so-called “Truth” movement is the biggest pack of lies that I’ve ever seen. If you believe in it, then you are a complete and utter fool. Please stop spamming the entire internet with your conspiracy theories.

4. Conspiracy theorists in general: please stop spamming the entire internet with your conspiracy theories. The Matrix has the rest of us, and we’re happy with it. We’ve had our fill of your craziness. Please let us get on with our consumption of real information and purchasing of products.

5. Relax. There is no reason to get so crazy angry in comments on the web. People tend to discount the rants of raving lunatics and that’s what you come off as when you flame comment threads.

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  • Ryan j Budke 1/3/2007, 2:24 pm

    He speaks for me too.

  • Dharma 1/3/2007, 3:35 pm

    I wholeheartedly agree with 1,2 and 5. As for 3 and 4. That is what freedom of speech is about. You disagree with what they think and you have that right. They disagree with you and have that right. You can’t be a very good moderator/leader ( read: good example) if personal bias enters into it. I said a lot of things( to people, not on the internet) before Baby Bush was elected and was called a “loony” or got raised eyebrows for even thinking it much less saying so. Funny thing is I was right about 95% of it….. I also had heated arguments with friends about certain things only to be proved wrong later. It may be considered wild speculation today but because of the discussion key facts that never would have been discovered( or made widely known to the public) come out…. I am not saying I agree with every crazy story out there but at least they ARE out there to make you think about and agree or disagree with. You may be anti-conspiracy theory but not everyone is. And the discussion is what keeps our minds open for when the real conspiracies do come. Conspiracies have occured in the past and will occur in the future ( not necessarily as often as some believe and not necessarily in any one political or geographic spectrum) but shutting them out just because you don’t agree won’t make them go away… let them rant and they will be proved or disproved by fact and history not personal opinian.

  • Mintyfunk 1/3/2007, 3:53 pm

    Great post. Although I’ve been on the receiving end of 1 & 2 from the conservative spectrum being bashed. It seems that crazy has no particular party affiliation of preference.

    Deep breath…Wusah.

  • thisisfact 1/3/2007, 6:13 pm

    About time someone intelligent and with authority came forward and explained to the 9/11 conspiracy nuts that they are full of poopoo and no one but themselves believes it. It’s time these kooks lay off the BS and get with the real world. Stop your brain washing of the brainless. SHOCKING Stats say, currently the brainwashers have convinced 30% of the American people to beleive this 9/11 conspiracy nonsense. Last count has it that about 100 million Americans now beleive our own Government was behind the 9/11 attacks. Do you people realize how serious this has become. Do you realize how easy it can be to persuade people to beleive anything you want them to beleive. I blame the media for this problem. Much of the media these days no longer report real news, they simple report what they want you to beleive. That my American friends could end up being a huge problem for us all! In short, the media can and will control everything we think and do! If it were not for the media, we would not know much about anything. We only know what the media reports to us on. What ever the media tells us is taken as the gospel by the vast majority! That can be a very dangerous thing!

  • okitech 1/3/2007, 6:18 pm

    rock on ck. netscape has much more to offer than political items. the commentary is often humor, the freedom to comment and express views are often overlooked; more often abused. i did not know we had this much in common on our thoughts of lines in the sands. thanks agan okitech

  • thisisfact 1/3/2007, 6:25 pm

    Dear Netscape. I feel it’s partially YOUR responsibility to keep this story up front on your news page where everyone can read it.
    It’s time that the media takes some real responsibility on what they are reporting to us. Let the people know the true facts. Not simply make garbage up and let the people run with it. Seems common sense these days is at a premium. Seems so many people these days no longer know how to think for themselves. They let the media do their thinking for them….and that’s a bad thing!

  • AceTomato Co 1/3/2007, 7:30 pm

    We went from Beaver Cleaver to George Orwells 1984 in just the span of a few decades. The Anthrax attacker was never caught and Osama is still at large your assumption that there are no conspiracies is a little misplaced. If we as a country condone Police tactics that include Shoot first and ask questions later, Jack Boots and Attack dog. If we condone inhumane treatment of prisoners in our own jail or of enemy combatants better get used to the Nazi label.

  • Ethicscouncil 1/3/2007, 7:34 pm

    I like the post. I do wonder why so many Conspiracy theorists dwell in Netscape land but it’s good to know others realize how goofy the 9-11 cospiracist are. As for Liberal Nazis: You are correct in saying “Nazis and Liberals are two entirely different things…Unless, of course, they are liberal socialist in which case they are identical. Hmmm…Come on now, we can all admit it. Cindy Sheehan, given the power, would lock my conservative butt up, starve me, and roast my entire family over a slow burning fire. The reason people say Liberals are Nazis is because conservatives think liberals are wrong. Liberals are hate filled and want to hurt anyone with differing views.

  • mac 1/3/2007, 7:39 pm

    If you want to live the lie of the matrix thats fine I would guess you are a corporate yuppie zombie that hasn’t made an objective decision in years. But if you really think 911 was not a conspiracy you are either stupid or afraid to lose that fat paycheck from corporateland……….mac

  • ethicscouncil 1/3/2007, 7:50 pm

    Yeah…O.K. Is that Minnie and Mickey calling?

  • glaswolf 1/3/2007, 8:19 pm

    School of fish phenomena are often mistaken for conspiracies. Media controls our thoughts is a good example. Most folks I know filter media projections realistically. The internet has allowed the average person access to a variety of presentations for any given topic or event. Reflecting on media presentations is not the same as being manipulated by media. When news programs become propaganda, most people I know re-process the data to be consistent with their own world views. The conspiracy theorists become socially dysfunctional when they lock onto exageration and insist that others agree with false deductions. When they reinforce each other and snake in the naive, it can develop a critical breakdown in democracy. Calling a mother a murderer because she aborts is an unacceptable excess and an abuse of free speach. Churches that organize such “call them killers” campaigns could be called co-conspirators…but it is more likely a school of fish activity by church members. However, if one counts a bit and does some arithmetic, the numbers of types of people involved in a 9/11 conspiracy is just too great to ever be reasonable. A small number of people concealing cheap steel used in tower constructions is possible, but it is unlikely that every riveter would be aware of faulty overspec’t metal. I have seen conspiracies, but I would not call every synchronized co-adaptive choice a conspiracy. Block voting does occur, but it is not what is meant by conspiracy.

  • Sean O 1/3/2007, 8:29 pm

    “Liberal Nazi’s”?!? Is that supposed to be some kind of bad joke?

    That’s only slightly more ridiculous than calling someone a “Conservative Commie”.

  • ethicscouncil 1/3/2007, 8:42 pm

    Some good points glaswolf. But as for your abortion comparison what if one thinks all life is precious and sees abortion as murder. I don’t,mind you, I think it is a socially confused issue. Your comparison doesn’t work though. Regardless of the secular oppressive spin science is not clear when life begins. We know that the limbic system is formed around 14-20 weeks so pain is felt durring mid to late term abortions. Labeling Pro-lifers as nuts is just a way to shut down an un-winnable debate. And, therefore, unfair.

  • ind06 1/3/2007, 10:28 pm

    Hi C.K., this has nothing at all to do with your above statement. I’m unhappy about bothering you but I can’t find another way to contact anyone at Netscape. I got back from work and I find myself no longer able to sign in. There is no e-mail explaining why this is the case.
    If I’ve done something wrong I won’t argue with you but I would like to know what it is. If you could respond to me, please.
    Thank you.

  • c.k. 1/3/2007, 10:32 pm

    Dear Appalled,

    Unbiased is a myth. I try to be as fair as possible on Netscape. This is my personal blog and these are my personal opinions. I am entitled to those, no matter what you think.

  • c.k. 1/3/2007, 10:32 pm

    ind06, that’s odd. Let me look into it.

  • c.k. 1/3/2007, 10:43 pm

    ind06, your account appears to be fine. Try emptying your cache and cookies and logging back in to the site.

  • lovelytxwoman 1/3/2007, 11:14 pm

    Well,everyone is has an opinion on everything! CK good luck and keep up the good job! Sorry that is it seems to me you have to act a REFEREE. But that’s just my thougths on this subject!

  • ind06 1/4/2007, 12:49 am

    I’ve tried it, and I’m still not being allowed to log in. I hit the remind me what my user name/password is button too and it keeps asking for my e-mail address and I keep giving it and I keep getting a lavendar window that says an e-mail has been sent to me, but I’m getting nothing.

  • cordele 1/4/2007, 5:32 am

    The way I see it is, Why is Netscape and C.K., telling us what to stop writing or thinking? He’s doing the very thing he’s telling us not to do. You can’t censor the Netscape site. When it first went up, we hated it. Now that Netscape and C.K. hate what we put up. Now they want to control us. ” TO LATE”

    Thats’ just like a Liberal Nazis!

    Beside, are we supposed to give “OUR” opinions on the stories? If you NETSCAPE AND C.K. want to give our opinions for us. Just post it and attach our names to it.


  • sykajonnes 1/4/2007, 7:07 am

    Well, I’m certainly not in favor of spamming, but my own skepticism about official account of 9/11 will only be put to rest once there is some convincing account of how and why WTC 7 collapsed. This, to me, remains single greatest mystery of events of that day–and thus far there is no explanation. I can see why Netscape editors might get fed up with having to deal with spam on same topic day after day, but to go on about conspiracy theorists being utter fools is really not being very helpful. We are obviously living in an age where lies are order of the day but I think it is the Bush administration, not the conspiracy theorists, who ushered in the Age of the Lie–the Big Lie. They remain in state of denial about Iraq and continue to prate on about “victory.” Conspiracy theorists are simply distraction from really serious problems Bush adminstration has brought upon the nation.

    Yours sincerely,

    “A Complete and Utter Fool”

  • ind06 1/4/2007, 8:14 am

    I really apologize for screwing up your comment string like this, but I’m still not being allowed to log in. I hit the remind me what my user name/password is button too and it keeps asking for my e-mail address and I keep giving it and I keep getting a lavendar window that says an e-mail has been sent to me, but I’m not getting any e-mails from you guys. Is there a reason for that?

  • Bill 1/4/2007, 8:18 am

    As you know I have always felt confident enough in the years we’ve known each other to comment on anything you do. With this particular thread, I feel compelled to add;
    1) The liberal/left believe in free speech as long it is their speech. The liberal/left desire to control what people are paid; their medical care; where individuals get to live and with the whole “diversity training” movement, what people think. In the mind of the liberal/left, you CAN be guilty of a thought crime. I do not use the moniker “nazi” as it has been decidedly overused, but it is by definition, applicable.
    2) Anyone who believes that the government was responsible for the collapse of the WTC towers is, in a word, BATS.
    3) All the conspiracies, ie; Oswald did not act alone or space aliens, prove the notion that human evolution is still ongoing. Some have evolved more successfully than others.
    4) You should stop wearing womens clothing as the neighbors are talking.

  • Dr felch 1/4/2007, 8:40 am

    How nice of you to declare a large segment of your users as “bats” or “crazy” without offering any real evidence or information to back it up. Typical of deniers and apologists. Oh great oracle of the web, what is it that makes you so damn qualified to judge everybody else when you are just one more dork out there with an OPINION. I am older than you, just as educated, I’m sure, and although I don’t have some numbers after my name, or a high profile web job, my view is just as valid as yours, AND i’m willing to back it up with legitimate discussion of points of science and fact, not just by calling folks “crazy’ or “bats”. You are just engaging in the behaviour that you are trying to discourage, and because of your hypocricy, NOBODY takes you seriously. Stick to counting beans or writing code or whatever it is you do, and leave the opinions of people to themselves, and do not judge them from your putrid little ivory tower. Thanks for revealing yourself to be so pigheaded and judgemental. Now I know what to expect from the likes of you.

  • c.k. 1/4/2007, 8:54 am


    I didn’t submit this story to Netscape. I would prefer it wasn’t on there, because if it wasn’t on there, I wouldn’t have to deal with extremely rude people like yourself coming over to my site and ranting crazily in my comments. I don’t owe *you* any explanation for anything, because you are coming to my personal blog and being rude. It’s totally the wrong place and the wrong approach.

    However, since you have clearly indicated yourself to be both a complete and utter fool and a rude fool at that, let me explain what spamming is:

    Spamming is a broad term that applies to:

    1. Advertisement laden crap. OR advertisement that is pretending to be editorial. At Netscape, we close any such stories that are reported by a large number of our members.

    2. Resubmitting the same old story over and over again is a spamming activity.

    3. Resubmitting the same comment over and over again is a spamming activity.

    4. Using false accounts to group vote stories to the homepage is a spamming activity.

    5. Submitting *only* stories from your own site is a spamming activity.

    6. Only participating in Netscape to promote your own political agenda is a spamming activity. I believe in politics it is called lobbying.

    Also, spamming aside, comments like “Wow. That was the most fantastic display of brown nosing I’ve ever seen, Bill. BRB, just going to throw up!. If you’d stuck your nose any further up C.K’s butt, then it would be sticking out his mouth.” are indicative of low-class fools who think they have the right to speak their mind to the detriment of all good intentioned and free thinking folk around them and I won’t have such utter crap on the front porch of my personal blog. So, just know, that I *will* freely choose to censor your babbling on my blog, though I would *never* censor Netscape.

  • c.k. 1/4/2007, 8:56 am


    On point #1, we have to disagree. I think anyone who is an extreme liberal or an extreme conservative is at risk of fitting the profile you are describing and also of incorrectly stereotyping whole swatches of their adversaries with the stereotype you are describing. Both situations are problematic.

  • Bill 1/4/2007, 9:07 am

    Felch and Appalled
    Brown-nose….ME!?!?!? Obviously we have never met. No one who has ever spent time with me would EVER say I was a brown-nose.
    BATS! Some ideas are so obsurd, so obtuse, that making a attempt to refute them item by item only lends credibility to them. My aforementioned conspiracies are the product of delusional minds and subsequently, the only comment that can or should be made about the individual who believe in them is to sum up the whole preposterous idea into one word and leave the conversation at that word.
    Those who believe that the towers were collapsed by the government are……….bats.
    I have been saying for more than thirty years that liberal/left social and economic policies are ultimately totalitarian. I stand by that assertion.

  • thisisfact 1/4/2007, 9:25 am

    The theory that the steel construction of the twin towers could have only burned and or melted away by and incinerating device and or an explosives and not buy the fire it’s self is just plan ridicules. Here’s a PROVEN FACT for you people. Take a piece of household steel wool. Steel wool is made from a very hard form of pure iron steel. Now take a simple 9 volt battery such as a home smoke alarm would use. Touch the steel wool to the 9 volt battery terminals. Watch what happens to this hard iron steel wool. It burns up like a pile of dry weeds! Or just briefly touch a match to the steel wool. Again the steel wool will simple catch fire and burn up! This is the same thing with the steel supports in the twin towers. There was enough heat in the tower fire to simply burn and collapse the steel structures. So just shut up about this. Do the little science project I have laid out here for you. Any half wit can see the FACTS! Steel can easily catch fire and burn! That’s a FACT and this little science project should shut all you dimwits up once and for all!

  • JKLivin 1/4/2007, 11:17 am

    Ck, I definitely agree that liberlas and nazis are two different worlds not just subjects.I don’t feel that netscape is more pro liberal or conservative. As for the comments on 9/11 conspiracy, I agree that there are many debates to be had that will ultimately lead to nowhere and the subject itself is definitely played out. However, the us government during this bush administration has been one of the most corrupt governments ever and to completely relieve them of any guilt from this tragedy is also ludacris. To be able to say that it was not a conspiracy, end of story. This is also a ludacris statement. I agree that people should not spend there days spamming the internet with theories over and over as has been done. You can surely not rule out a conspiracy, and if you are trying to say that people can’t think that way, that would be a huge blow to the integrity of netscape. If you don’t wish for people to express there opinions, than don’t allow comments to be made to the articles that netscape posts. Just because in your opinion there is no conspiracy doesn’t make you right, unless you are trying to change your name to god, who as far as i’m concerned, is the only one who knows and sees all.

  • c.k. 1/4/2007, 11:57 am

    JKLivin, I hear you. However, I do not think our government was involved in 9-11. I *do* personally think that our government manipulated the aftermath of 9-11 to justify their agenda in Iraq and the current war-machine that the Bush administration has become. I think there are enough very obvious problems in the world without people resorting to crazy 9-11 conspiracy theories where they obsess over minutia. Such babbling, imho, gets in the way of any possibility of actually addressing the real problems with which we are faced.

  • jklivin 1/4/2007, 12:20 pm

    Ck, That is definitely your given right to believe that there was no conspiracy in 9-11. As to everything else you have replied, well said. I couldn’t agree with you more. There are so many issues in the world today that are happening now even as we speak. It is time we address, as well as, debate these issues quickly to avoid other tragedies that could occur if we are not careful.

  • Linden Malki 1/4/2007, 12:55 pm

    I suspect that there are too many folks out there who disbelieve anything that “the government” says about 9/11 not so much because of their engineering theories about airplanes and buildings,but because they wouldn’t believe politicians who said the sky is blue. Add to that about 100 million folks who believe the Israelis did it (basically because their politicians blame everything in Israel), and the odds of rational discussion are pretty small. Scary.

  • Randy 1/4/2007, 2:16 pm

    Wow, I didn’t know a guy like you existed. A real person behind a real web page.
    I’m not literate in computers, my IT guy set netscape as my home page.
    I like it fine, BUT.
    When I click on a story or headline, like this blog deal, it opens the page and a big directory opens on the left and I have to figure out how to get rid of it to read the story. Can you fix that?
    BTW, they are BATS (what ever that is) AND Bush is just doing what he thinks is right but has lost support so he can’t get it finished.
    And a change in congress was a good thing, I think.

  • Jeb 1/4/2007, 2:18 pm

    Oh, then I guess YOUR idea of Netscape is not one of the 1st amendment or free speech? YOUR idea of Netscape it to parrot FAUX news and the radical conservative right and the White House? Whatsamatter, the truth getting too close for comfort for you?

    If you in fact want to preserve freedom of speech,you will retract your absurd comments.

  • victor 1/7/2007, 7:55 pm

    I think some people confuse Nazism with facism. Easy-to-do, I guess, but you’re right… Nazis and liberals are pretty wildly different. There were tenets of the Nazi party dealing with economics that might have a vague connection (socialism comes to mind, but it was a pretty hamfisted implementation), but that’s about it.

    I’ve never known a liberal (of any stripe) willing to round up, torture, maim, rape and kill Jews.

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