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Keb’Mo’ Plays at Sundance 2007 »

Check it: Keb’Mo’ Plays at Sundance 2007 »

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Archiving Gmail

Does anyone know if MailSteward can be used to archive Gmail? Or do I have to try to download all the Gmail via first? Does anyone know of a Gmail archiving solution for OS X?

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Kristin and I saw a special on Nightline, I think, a few months back, covering – – Loans that change lives. I like the idea behind this site. I’d like to see more sites like this online and … Continue reading

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VLC = Internet TV / Movies

Check it out. I just discovered that using VLC you can get all kinds of streaming video. It has Shoutcast Video support. *Note: I’m only using Picasa b/c Flickr isn’t accepting uploads from my hotel room for some odd reason.

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