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Good to be home…

It was good to be home over the holidays visiting my family, but it’s also good to be back home today, working from my home office and having slept in my own bed last night.

And now, for your enjoyment, a walk down memory lane:

Me as a kid
This is a picture of me when I was a kid. Notice that one of my hands is clenched in a fist, while the other hand is in a claw formation. No one in my family noticed this until Kristin saw the photo and spotted it immediately, pointing it out to everyone. Evidently, even as a child, my kung fu powers were strong.

This is further evidenced by this even earlier picture:
Family photo from the 70s
Notice how one of my hands is clenched in a fist attempting to punch the camera. Also, check out the 70s hairdos on Mom & Dad. Nice.

Now, you’ll find something interesting in this next picture:
Family photo from the 80s
Evidently, my kung fu powers had become so strong that they decided to subdue them with transition lenses on my glasses.

Even these glasses couldn’t contain my skills for long, however. Here’s a picture of me unleashing my fury on my brother, Kevin:
Check out those shades

And, finally, check out this picture:
Kevin on left, me on the right
Notice how another picture of me is placed strategically over my hands. Why? Well, to hide the fireball I was summoning with my elite kung fu powers, of course.

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