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Who’s copying who?

So, the Navigators on Netscape brought this to my attention today and this could be entirely coincidental, and most likely is, but considering how many times since our launch we’ve been accused of copying Digg, it is pretty amusing.

Check it out. Here’s My Member Profile Page on Netscape that we launched a redesign of on the site last week:

My Profile Page on Netscape

And here is the newly launched today, Digg Friends’ Activity Page (Kevin Rose’s pictured):

Kevin Rose's Friends page on Digg

Separated at birth? Is Digg starting to copy us now?

They also added a Digg video feature. It’s not the same as Netscape Video, which is a full blown video hosting service mixed with social news, but rather a pretty cool implementation of auto-displaying YouTube videos embedded on the site when they are submitted. Kind of like what we Anchors have been doing forever with stories like this one.

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  • Eliot 12/18/2006, 4:14 pm

    Bah, you know it took them at least 4 months of development time to com up with that.