You have got to love crazy people….

So, nearly daily, we have people who cross the line on Netscape, posting hateful comments that are totally over the line. Normally, I send them a friendly note asking them to take it easy and they calm down. Every so often, however, I send them a friendly note and they flip out. This guy, for example, dropped the “c-bomb” in a comment the other day. I killed the comment and sent him a friendly message asking him to kindly not post such rude comments. His reply?

Actually, I don’t need a mind control Democrat to determine what I write…this is still America, which you PC people that want to live in Orwell’s world don’t seem to understand. Follow your sheep mentality, your censorship, your miserable life, and your quest to destroy what America is about. I’ll just register under another name and not require permission from Facists like you. If you want to ban thought, move to Cuba!!!

I mean, wow.

So I banned his account and I blocked his IP from ever registering again. ;-)

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9 Responses to You have got to love crazy people….

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  2. bugloaf says:

    Will blocking his IP work if his ISP uses DHCP to assign addresses? He just has to reboot his modem and he’ll get a new IP, and you’ll just be blocking some other guy on his street.

  3. Wow, just wow. Reminds of me a teacher from 5th grade, always taking stuff out of proportion but in a comical way sometimes, however it was still very annoying.

  4. c.k. says:

    bugloaf, the IP is the same one he’s used since creating his account (so it appears to be static) and he also has another account on the same IP that he’s been using to vote on all his stories, so, yeah. Buh-bye.

  5. Bill says:

    Do me a favor and send him over to my blog.I could use some crazies.

  6. Suzieq says:

    I don’t remember being one of your crazies and I never received a note from you concerning my comments. I worst thing I ever said was that there is just too much hatred and foul language on the blogs, which was interestingly picked up by a commentary shortly afterwards that there need to be less offensiveness and insulting going on and more intelligent debate. I replied I was glad to see this article. Since then I’ve been banned from your site. I don’t look for trouble, just kindness. Care to share?

  7. Suzieq says:

    Just to clarify, when I say “your site” I’m referring to Netscape. I don’t care much for the crazies either, and I’m sure it an enormous task monitoring all those blogs. Before I totally jump conclusions, I will consider the possibility of technical problems, although this has been going on for several months and I tried to sign on with a new email address and it still boots me off. It did allow one post, however. Nothing “crazy” I can assure you.

  8. c.k. says:

    Hi Suzieq, I just checked your account based on the email address you used when commenting here and there is no ban on your member account, nor is there a ban on your IP. Perhaps you’ve forgotten your password?

  9. slh says:

    Laughing out loud can’t stop!

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