One of the reasons we moved apartments was so we could get Kristin the puppy she has desired for so long. We decided on a pug. Kristin’s birthday is fast approaching. My parents were on the lookout for a Mississippi-priced pug and they found one:

the baby

If all goes well at the vet tomorrow, she should be here Friday night!

Update: We came up with a name: Prime Minister Thatcher!

the baby

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2 Responses to Puppy

  1. Virginia says:

    Awe, such cuteness! Pugs rule.

    I bet the birds are going to love a puppy! *can you sense the sarcasm*

    Congrats on the new place. Seems like we are all moving on up.

    Deirdre & I thought of you today. We saw Nancy Ellsworth- she just came back from a medical leave. Deirdre reminded me of your excellent impersonation of her. We had a good chuckle.

    I then showed her the Netscape at the Office clip and we chuckled some more.


  2. Thatcher? You dog.

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