Cleaning up…

Kristin’s not feeling well today. She seems to have some slight cold. I’ve been dismantling the unnecessary electronics from my desk in order to prepare for our big move in a few weeks. Wednesday we meet for our co-op review, and once we get approval (knock on wood), we should be able to set up these closings very close to one another and start to move.

This afternoon, while I was moving things about, I decided to start consolidating the various iTunes Music folders floating around the apartment. I set my MacBook Pro’s iTunes folder to a small external 100GB LaCie drive that I’ve had for some time, and took that drive around to the different computers, copying everything over and removing all the junk I don’t want cluttering my drives. So now I have all my music and videos on this little drive and I’ve copied them all to my iPod as well. Bonus: I have about 30GBs more free space on my laptop now.

I’ll be happy when we’re in the new place. We really need the extra room and I’m really getting tired of our disordered current apartment which is already half packed in boxes.

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