NBC is giving Heroes the Surface treatment

NBC’s new show, Heroes, is currently playing on SciFi. It already aired twice this week. Evidently the first run didn’t get the numbers the network was hoping for, as they gave it the second spot and now have it playing on SciFi in the hopes that it will pick up its niche market.

Translation: It’s probably going to be a one season show, just like Surface, which NBC had the same approach with last season and which ended with a cliffhanger that is never to be resolved. Great. Do I want to invest in watching Heroes, considering that forecast?

They should have played this show the way they play the wildly successful Battlestar Galactica. Run the show on SciFi and then show it every once in a while on NBC to hook the non-SciFi geeks into this whole other network.

Sometimes I think I should have been a TV executive… oh, wait. They’re the ones that made these bad decisions. I’d make bad decisions too. Like, for example, as much as I love the show, never cancelling The Greatest American Hero would have more likely than not have been a horrible mistake.

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