New mattress rules!

Yesterday, our new mattress arrived. It’s like we bought a whole new bed. The old mattress was this large, too high, lumpy pillow-topped thing, and the new mattress is an ultra firm thin beauty. It fits better on our bed, so that now I can sit up nicely in bed with my head and back against the slightly curved headboard. With the old mattress, I was pushed up too far and my head went off the top, so I was always either slouching or sitting with my head at an odd tilt back or free-floating forward.

Also, I slept much better last night than I have in months. I woke up feeling as if I’ve been slouching too much. I felt like I was standing up straighter and as if I were a little bit taller and my back has stopped aching. So. Friggin’. Great.

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  1. joeann says:

    hey … i have a kathy ireland mattress can anyone tell me how i can find her sleep pillow.

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