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Cleaning up…

Kristin’s not feeling well today. She seems to have some slight cold. I’ve been dismantling the unnecessary electronics from my desk in order to prepare for our big move in a few weeks. Wednesday we meet for our co-op review, … Continue reading

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NBC is giving Heroes the Surface treatment

NBC’s new show, Heroes, is currently playing on SciFi. It already aired twice this week. Evidently the first run didn’t get the numbers the network was hoping for, as they gave it the second spot and now have it playing … Continue reading

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Third week of Tai Chi

I’m really enjoying Tai Chi. It’s helping me de-stress and while it is relatively easy to do, physically, I can already feel the changes it is effecting in my body. I can tell I’m losing a little bit of fat … Continue reading

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Netscape Blog

We just launched the Netscape Blog: w00t!

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Jesus Camp: Documentary Examines Born-Again Kids

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