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Bird Fighting…

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Sonja & Misha Video

This is a 5 minute video of the parrots. Particularly boring if you aren’t a fan of parrots and my parrots in particular. I shot it with the Sanyo VPC-HD1 that I’m testing out in regular non-HD recording mode:

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Netscape is looking for a few good people

In addition to the fulltime Netscape Anchor / Producer / Editor position that I’ve blogged about before (and which is starting to gain some attention around the web), we’re still looking for a few freelancers in the form of good … Continue reading

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I don’t normally “narq” on people, but I’m a little ticked off. As you may remember, I was selling Kristin’s old 12-inch PowerBook on ebay. The auction had about 3 buyers bidding on it, things were looking good and at … Continue reading

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Yesterday, during the last day of my vacation, after my brother Kevin left town, I piled all my Playstation 1 & 2 games, my PS2, and all my PS2 accessories into a box and took them to EB Games, where … Continue reading

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