Netscape’s Secret Killer Feature: The Netscape Anchors

So, we have a killer feature at Netscape that hasn’t received a huge amount of attention yet, but I’m going to change that. Jason has talked about our great Navigators, we have great developers working hard on new features like the recently released site mail, and we have great members actively participating in the site. All these people are part of our not so secret killer feature: the people. However, I want to highlight the ones who actually monitor the site and keep it pulsing with life: The Netscape Anchor Team.

The Anchors work in shifts, always on (even on their off days, I catch some of them working), watching the site, adding pictures to top stories, trying to find good stories to highlight at the top of the site and the different channels, participating in the coversation with our members, killing spam, and closing duplicate stories. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible about how we monitor the site, so if we close a duplicate story that you submitted, you’ll find a note in the form of Anchor Commentary, stating why the story was closed and linking to the original story. If you’re ever uncertain about something happening on the site or think you’ve spotted a bug of some sort or thought of something that you think will help improve the Netscape experience, send any of us a message via the site mail and we’ll do our best to get back to you, help you out, or try to improve the site in the ways you’d like. We’re here to serve.

Alongside all this, one of the things that we look forward to doing most and something that we are hoping to make more and more time to do in the near future is to add context and additional information to stories in the form of Anchor Commentary. I’m going to start blogging the great stuff that the team is putting together on the site. Here’s a few examples from the beginning of this week:

In any case, I just wanted to take the time to draw some attention to these people and what they do. Feel free to message any of us with suggestions. I’m going to start putting together a regular link post to some of the great metajournalism they’re doing on Netscape.

 Update: I’m closing comments, because of all the comments that have nothing to do with this post. However, I do want to help those of you having problems with your Netscape email. First, I just want to note that I personally have nothing to do with the email transition. This other blogpost titled “So, why did we force Netscape Mail users to move to AIM Mail?” and written by James, who made the decision that the transition needed to happen. Also, there is an updated FAQ about the transition. I’ll try to track down some solid contact information for you all as well, since it would seem to be missing from the FAQ.  Stay tuned…

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19 Responses to Netscape’s Secret Killer Feature: The Netscape Anchors

  1. Mary says:

    I am very confused about the netscape mail becoming AOL. Also don’t know how to copy a link to a browser because I would like to reply to posts, and where are all the chat rooms anyways?

  2. elhanan ben nun says:

    I can not access mine e-mail,sporadically I succed to read it but there is not any logic of access.Why don’t you explain how it should be done? I use mine gmail as Netscape
    does not,I repeat does not,work.

    E.Ben Nun

  3. Jeanne Hatfield says:

    I have not been able to access my Netscape email accounts (2) since Friday afternoon. I received no warning whatsoever. I have been trying since then to access my account and tried every possible way of contacting someone, including by phone. When I found a real outserviced person he said he was getting a supervisor because he didn’t know anything about it. Then I was dissconnected. Called again x2.
    Hangs up! Numerous messages online. Now I understand why so many people say AOL sucks! Here is what I need. Give me access to my two accounts so that I can recover all my mail. It’s that simple…well maybe not for AOL. AOL stole my account by putting it where I had no access, no way to reach those accounts, one of which is for a non profit organization. Imagine what the effects are on donations! I MUST HAVE MY MAIL NOW!

  4. J. Pirate says:


    Asking us to leave the passwords to our web mail accounts. ARE YOU CRAZY?

    I’m in agreement with those who have already posted about this topic. I don’t for the life of me understand why AOL did not sent e-mails to those of us with addresses. A notice warning us that we would not be able to access our Netscape web mail accounts in the future. A corporation the size of AOL has to make decisions months an even years in advance. So, who is responsible for this “oversight”? To me, it’s more like a real foul-up than an inconvenience. This I think holds true for all of us who are getting shafted by this decision(s). To make things worse I barely found this posting or else I wouldn’t have been aware of what the problem is.

    Add to that the lack of clarity that your “Leave a Reply” form creates.
    1) What web site address are you asking us for?
    1a) Or, are you asking us for our address or a web mail address that we can actually access?

    2)Are you asking us to identify/list our Netscape addy . Or, are you asking for an alternate web mail addy so as to contact us.

    3) Password: are you asking us for the password for our Netscape account or are you asking for the password for the web mail address that we supplied in the above box? ARE YOU CRAZY? Asking us to leave the passwords to our web mail accounts.

    4) While I’m at, I’m a Mac user and I’m using Safari 1.0.3 which no longer works at all. I get linked to a page telling me that I need a more updated version of the Safari browser. Well, I can’t update to a newer version of Safari. That’s because I’m using OS 10.2 and I will not be updating either program/application until I buy a new Mac. That’s an issue because I can’t use a newer version of Safari with OS 10.2 So, I’m doubly shafted. What alternative(s) has/have AOL provided? The other browser that I use is Firefox which did not work with the site in the first place. Please be specific.


  5. Rolf Fyne says:

    From the string above it seems that i will never be able to get to my mailbox again. It stopped uploading to my pop3/IMAP (whatever it is) netscape mail last Friday – ‘Login failed’. Box keeps on popping up asking for my password which no longer works. So what do i do?

    1. email everybody sending stuff to to use my main email server in future and abandon (I’m not using AOL)
    2. You provide me a solution to for my netscape mail to upload to my desktop Netscape Webmail

    If I try to look at my mail through ‘My Netscape’ Mail link I get this rubbish:
    This product has been tested with the following combination of operating systems and browsers and therefore supports:

    * Windows® 98
    o Internet Explorer® 5.5 and 6.0
    * Windows® 2000
    o Internet Explorer® 6.0
    * Windows® XP (Professional and Home)
    o Internet Explorer® 6.0 and 7.0
    o Firefox® 1.5
    o AOL® Explorer 1.0
    * Mac OS X® 10.3.7
    o Safari® 1.3
    o Firefox® 1.5

    For AOL members only, if you are using an older browser, or one that is not appearing on this list, please try our classic webmail product.

    As I use a Netscape browser (!!!) what am I suppose to do with this completely useless information – I’m not an AOL user

    What a screw-up! And as I can’t reach any which way, how are you going to tell me what to do??? I guess I can’t leave another mailbox on this as the world and his dog will see it. Maybe you should put an alternative email box under ‘Leave a Reply’ so we can get your response.

  6. Steven says:

    Yesterday was the 1st time I logged into the new AOL mail,whivh replacd my Netscape mail. Today I was unable to log in. Javascript is enable and it is set to accept cookies. Whats going on. How do I get to my mail?

  7. Steven says:

    I can access my AOL mail and portfolio in Internet Explorer,
    but not in Firefox 1.5. Javascript and cookies are enabled.
    How can I do this in Firefox. Please E-mail me at

  8. James Marshall says:

    My first attempt to get a word in edgeways. Get your technical problems fixed ‘first’ i.e. I now get a notice warning when I get my mail. Something to the effect the Netscape connection has an error. I use a modem, a local server and Netscape as my browser. I have used this combination since 1999 with no problems until your newest change. Now, ???,what is going on? Next comment: the new hhome page stinks!!! It is not one page but four to five. And it is filled with garbage. All pointing to blogging instead of the “News” You are putting the cart before the horse as we used to say. (I am an old man) The best solution as I see it right now is to go back instantly to the old format and apologize profusely to your customers before you lose –all– of your customers. I used Netscape originally because I disliked Microsoft’s piratical system of stealing everyone else’s material. And it was good then. Since, AOL got on board it has gradually gone south rapidly. Of course, each organization has the same problems; they let the original crew go and replace them with the bean-counters selections. And we all know bean-counters can massacre most organizations in the blink of an eye. Good luck but I doubt this will help you. JM

  9. Robert Schoenfeld says:

    Three times I have reported that none of the links for Horoscopes on My Netscape are working yet nothing has been done. I don’t see the point of devoting page space to a feature that obviously is not being supported. I think it should either be supported or removed.

  10. c.k. says:

    J. Pirate, I’m not asking for your password. The password to leave a comment is “password.” Get it? PS–Everyone with email problems: 2 things:

    1. This post has nothing to do with your email. Please stop spamming my comments.

    2. You can get help here:

    Hope this helps!

    I’m now told this is not the right place for help… see the update to the post above.

  11. Roger Tripp says:

    When I try to underline or to italicize anything in my outgoing email, I immediately get a pop-up as if I had asked to quit. Sure looks like a ‘bug’ to me.
    I also tried copying a paragraph from an incomming email to and outgoing email and lost the entire outgoing message I was preparing.
    On Monday I recieved a bunch of emails from Friday.
    Following the conversion, I received three full pages of email from as far back of February from a friend who uses AOL. That was interesting… I thought something had happened to him and visa versa. Apparently they were somehow in a hold status and finally released.
    I also had my address book put www.(etc.) strings in my cc: area when I selected names for the to: area. I didn’t notice until two emails rejected and then I realized it was happening.

  12. Jerry Bellah says:

    I also can not get to my mail which is for a non profit business. The mail was set up so I did not have to use the password and now it seems that I need it to get to my mail because of the disaster that is and aol mail. The only solutions that I have been given are dependant I me geting loged in to my mail which is no longer possible as of last friday. Can anyone post a direct phone number that we can get answers from and maybe recover lost passwords.

  13. Nohelp Available says:

    The reason that people are posting complaints here is everywhere we try to get help, including the link you left, has someone telling us it is not their problem. Aol says it s netscape and netscape says it aol. Netscape wants us to give attention to its navigators while ignoring our problems with the #$%@%&# mail.

  14. Irene Wright says:

    This whole deal stinks. I have not been able to get my Email since Sat and I am very unhapppy.
    Please let me know how I can get to my EMail.

  15. James Bothwell says:

    Your self congratulations on your “metajournalism” are clearly premature. You seem to be little more than DNC political puppets. If you want to disseminate news, gteat. If you want to disperse personal political crap at least honestly label it as propaganda or written by blind Navigators. Stick to “man bites dog stories.”

  16. James says:

    I am guessing the anchors are not the problem with the new, it seems to be the whole format that is the problem. Allowing people to make up their own news is ridiculous. It is all summed up in the report you wrote above, when you say I have watched them (the anchors) “Trying to find good stories to highlight”. This is the problem there are no good stories on this site anymore so even the highlighted ones are getting to be trashy. The legitimate news writers probably require a license fee to use their material, so there is no real news, or true stories on the site anymore. I have been a promoter of netscape since about 1995, but I have moved my homepage to Yahoo, because the new netscape is useless if you want to know what is really going on in the world.

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