Netscape is looking for a few good people

In addition to the fulltime Netscape Anchor / Producer / Editor position that I’ve blogged about before (and which is starting to gain some attention around the web), we’re still looking for a few freelancers in the form of good social bookmarkers per Jason’s post, and we’re also looking to expand our fulltime development team. We’re looking for people with experience in PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, and some C++. Apache and SysAdmin experience of some sort is a plus. We’re also looking for a Web designer with good photo-editing skills, XHTML/CSS, PHP experience a plus. You can work out of your home, so no need to relocate, but quarterly travel should be expected. If you are interested in what we’re doing at the new Netscape and you think you have the skills, drop me an email at ck at newnetscape dot com with all your vitals, a resume, etc.

NOTE: This is an old entry. I no longer work at Netscape, so I am no longer in a position to hire. Please don’t send me your resumes for this position.

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  1. TheAttacks says:

    I sent you an email. =]

  2. Pat says:

    Hi C.K.,

    I would like to know more about your “social bookmarking” point.
    I have five higher degrees and spent quite a lot of time researching.
    I used the internet since the beginning for research on topics like Architecture, Urban Planning, Sociology, Anthropology, Independent Thinking, Music and Film.

    I have multiple levels of bookmarks ranging in the thousands to deal with my passions and interests. I have links that are both for lay people and for researchers.

    Can you maybe be more specific to see if this is the kind of things you need (go after google in a way)?

    Thanks, Pat.

  3. DARREN MICELI says:



  4. Alesia says:

    I would like to know more about the freelance design opening, I have been using photoshop for 13 years, I have a certificate in webdesign from Wright State College. I have worked with Flash, Fireworks and Dreamweaver for about 6 years. I have been doing technical illustration for 13 years and have been a working illustrator for over 20 years.


  5. Paul says:

    i’m not sure i know what a social bookmarker is. but, if it is someone who surfs the web to find articles someone else has written, i’m not sure i have time to do that. however, if we are talking about writing original articles, i would love to try my hand. i’m sure i can stir some controversy and inform at the same time. how would you go about submitting a article to netscape

  6. Charlotte Richards says:

    My brother is a brilliant programmer and has 25 years experience. He is working north of Detroit in a spin off from EDS. He is extremely social. I gave you his email address. If you need more information, or want to email me, email me at

  7. dnj film says:

    I’d like more info regarding the anchor/producer/editor position.

  8. Onespeed says:

    I am not a college graduate but have attained quite a bit on a professional level. I hold onle certifications that have allowed me to move into the legal services field. First as a paralegal (6 years) and now as a litigation support professional (3 years).

    My interests run from the mundane and necessary for my job to in-depth challenging research for my job. Please consider me for your new positions as I can offer something different.

  9. Lori Ingram says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am interested in the position of Social Bookmarker. Please send me additional information about the requirements for Netscape employment.
    Thank you,
    Lori Ingram

  10. I have already sent an e-mail but here are some reference links for my work. I am a graphic design major (B.F.A) and a computer science minor. I have 5+ years experience developing websites from basic information sites to sophisticated web systems. – concept to completion – current project under development

  11. connie manes says:

    Looking for part time job to do from home when I retire, so I can take care of my mother. I’ve been in computers ince 1980. Currently a system analyst in an educational environment.

  12. jim says:

    don’t like your new netscape, but since i can comment, i say hire #3. they can’t spell at all, so they should fit right in with your new format. ftom=from, teck=tech. for itt, and just look how they spell exp. should make a perfect employee for a really shitty new netscape. thanks.

  13. TCCE says:

    Good day.

    I recently graduated from law school and have an undergraduate degree in Journalism and a minor in music. I am not an experienced blogger but am a writer at heart. I am a “social” jack-of-all-trades and am passionate about political social issues and remedies, the law (criminal, constitutional, and business), fashion, music, food, wine and beer, and football. I would love to “re-tap” into my passion but could not justify doing so without compensation as I am still an unemployed J.D. (and it will be a while before I finish my book that is always on the back burner) If you would like I will submit cover letter and resume. Please advise at your earliest convenience.



  14. c.k. says:

    Note: There are instructions in the post above for how to apply. Via email to me. Not in the comments to this post.

  15. jim says:

    sorry c.k. but if you can’t stand the heat get off the fire.

  16. Trisha Ross says:

    Dear Netscape,
    I am very interested in your job offer. It would be perfect for me. Electronic Journalism B.A., paralegal certificate (expert in research), Asian Studies Certificate, Real Estate License, and I have an ongoing BLOG @ World I am seeking a writing/tech writing position to hone my razor sharp verbal skills.
    What may be of interest to you is that my interests cover a broad range. I do semi-professional photography. And I know lots of Trivia! I also have seven years experience working in various libraries, public and private sector.
    I often volunteer my computer skills to help my technology challenged friends.
    This job would just Rock My World!
    Thanks for your time and consideration.

  17. c.k. says:

    Jim: what the hell are you talking about?

  18. jim says:

    whoops-my bad. must not have read the instructions.

  19. Clyde Lick says:

    I am a gradute of Columbia college BS System ANALISES I am retired and disabled and looking for part time work that I can do from my home

  20. michael says:

    Would you consider Romanian applicants? I know someone over here that has all the skills you are after

  21. Cheeky487 says:

    Hey CK,

    I sent you an email. I’d be interested in talking with you further about this opportunity.



  22. T Carter says:

    You ought to post more job listings in this manner (ie. include the web replies).
    I was very entertained reading the various responses, especially the ones with misspellings and qualification listings.

  23. Ed Hagerty says:

    I as well can’t say I’m crazy about your new format. I’ve been using Netscape since about 1995. I bought my first version of Netscape, I think it was 2.1. I’d love to work for Netscape having been a long time loyal user of your browser. When I left AOL in 1994 and switched to my local phone company as my ISP I kept Netscape. I continued to stay with Netscape up through version 4.97. Due in part the involvement of AOL your attempts at upgrading newer version of the browser fail miserably thru versions 5 and 6 until you did something right with 7. The problem now is your’re trying to kiss the collective asses of IE users and making a browser geared towards them and not your loyal long time users. I have version 8 on my computers, but don’t use it because it doesn’t automatically connect with my Netscape email program in version 7.2.

    It was bad enough you spun off Mozilla, probably another brainfart move by that flunky organization AOL, but now you change the format which for the most part fails. Let some of us oldsters in to guide the way to a new and improved Netscape.

  24. D. Weiss says:

    Do these job positions require knowledge of left wing, pinko, anti-american, politically correct, anti-smoking, PETA crap-ola ideology? If so, consider my application….not!

  25. Larry Holton says:

    I do pro american editorials Andy Roony style. Would you be intrerested in that?

    Larry Holton

  26. GL Smith says:

    CK, If you are interested in some writing out of the Appalachian area with some color, I’m your man. News from this part of the woods is often just that….kept in this part of the woods. Any interest?
    GL Smith
    216 Quail Run Court
    Johnson City, TN


  27. JB says:

    Who do I contact?

  28. Michael says:

    Sounds like a great opportunity. Where do I sign up?

  29. I’d be happy to help expand netscape scope.

  30. Dave Hall says:

    I am an old age student (39) studying for a PhD in chemistry. I know very little about computer programming (lol, though i was good with a Sinclair ZX81).
    There is no point saying that I am willing to learn, there are so many people already qualified. But for mediating public sites, I’m at least as good as any professional.
    By my own nature, i am naturally humourous, even when the joke is me, I don’t take anything personal. I was an Nco in the French Foreign Legion and found that i have the natural ability to bring out the best in people. I can recognise and treat accordingly all types of people. Jokers can be persuaded to come around to the correct way of thinking with humour, but guiding humour. Some angry people can be calmed with logical thinking!. Many are angry because of their history and perception of current surroundings. Change their perception, you change them!. Others are just angry and not open to rational debate. They are often deeply scarred by their life experiences. They can be subdued by simply asking what is wrong. Asking why they feel that way. This breaks down the majority of the irrationally angry. Ignoring or condemning them wont work, which is the usual administrative response to trouble makers. Asking why they they think as they do, does. Sad (as in unhappy, depressed), lonely people often post things on the net because it is their only outlet. Even for a netscape blog co-ordinator, responses can make so much difference to them and even in the corporate world, if it don’t cost anything extra and may show a desperate soul that there is someone who has genuine concern for them…then why not?. Especially if it is from what would be percieved by most as a faceless, transnational corporation.
    On the net, a company such as yourself can make huge advances by having human beings able to react to the needs of the person who is posting. This is not a labour intensive policy with little reward, for every poster who is seen on a thread to have personal interface with a staff member and that staff member is capable of addressing their problems and changing their negative posts into positive ones, hundreds, if not thousands are watching.
    I can do that, though i don’t have technical skills you are looking for.
    If you were able to present to me any opportunities for an administrative role and require that i need to take educational courses on any aspect of computering, i would be happy to do that.
    As i have stated, i am currently studying for a PhD in chemistry, but i am also looking for work with a future which does not involve military activity or mining.

    I would love to be involved in the public side of netscape. I know that this is horror and a pain in the ass for most people, but not me.
    I see the good side of everyone and think that the greatest challenge is to bring it out in people who don’t want it known.

  31. amos wilson says:

    I am looking for a paying job. If anchor or other jobs all available for an income, please let me know. I really like the way you have made your home page more interactive with news and interesting issue items.

    I am a self-employed business consultant who is looking for another avenue for himself. Will send resume with response.

    Really, hope we can help each other.

    Amos C. Wilson, II
    PO Box 6097
    Charleston, WV 25362-0097

  32. Ryan Carter says:

    I already blog for you, and would love the chance to “work” for you as well. Think I sent you an email. I hack just about any web code you can find, and specialize in databases, MySQL, MS SQL, some Oracle. PHP is my language of choice, so let me know. I am very available (aka self-employed), so I can start whenever you need. I love Netscape and want to make it even better than it already is. I write for Jordan, FYI. Thanks!

  33. Joey says:

    I suppose you want some people with experience as opposed to just some self-taught noob. Oh well. I know you’ll get the right folks fer the job.

  34. FK says:

    These job applicant responses are best featured on a humor site! Props to the respondent that pegged the fact that the Netscape browser versions have done a miserable job of moving email from version to version, but that’s not exactly on topic is it…long live Netscape!

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  37. Shadi says:

    Is the part-time position applies to people outside the states. I am a ZCE for being a PHP programmer and have excellent skills in MySQL, Javascript, CSS, XHTML, C , C#, and others

  38. Ali Gonzalez Alemany says:

    I’m a Web designer with great photo-editing skills. That’s my speciality. I’m also skillful illustrating.
    Please send me more information about the requirements of this daily job. If you want to, i can send to you my résumé and some of my published work.

    Thank you for your time.

    Ali Gonzalez Alemany

  39. avivamagnolia says:

    Hmm-m-mmm-mm-mmm…Why is everyone “applying” via the comments box? Very strange, considering the instructions…and considering that “social bookmarking” requires social skills (e.g.; listening, understanding) sufficient to facilitate relevant, responsive bookmarking.

  40. toner says:

    Is the part-time position applies to people outside the states.

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